The Most Advanced Wireless System For Tracking & Managing Corporate Assets

Find What You Need When You Need It



TygaSmart PinPoint Monitoring

Bid farewell to laborious, error-prone manual data entry. Our cutting-edge AI interprets your PO’s and automatically creates the data fields you want.​

We also eliminated another frustration, barcodes, and replaced them pre-encoded, dime-sized digital tags that streamline workflows and optimize accuracy.​

Sit back & relax, there’s a Tyga on your team to handle your data freeing you to focus on what truly matters.



Experience NOW

TygaSmart Real Time Tracking

Unleash the power of our revolutionary precision tags that transcend real-time communication. Effortlessly track thousands simultaneously
and pinpoint locate an individual tag with unmatched accuracy.

Don't settle for ordinary—elevate your tracking game with our extraordinary precision tags!



ZERO Waste

TygaBox Reusable Moving System

Are you tired of the annoyance and waste of cardboard boxes?

Say good riddance to the physical strain of lifting heavy boxes. TygaBox ensures that you never have to lift a box unless it's empty, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Being reusable, TygaBoxes also don’t injure the planet, as no trees are cut down and no waste created. ​Make your next move a ZERO Waste move with TygaBox.



TygaSmart Office

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TygaSmart Move

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TygaSmart Home

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​Your Privacy Matters

​At TygaSmart, the privacy of your data is never intruded. We believe that you're entitled to know what and how your data is being handled at TygaBox. 

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