Our Values in Action

"Reuse” is our atomic principle and is the foundation of every product we have, or ever will have invented. #makereuseahabit

53 million trees saved

3.5 billion pounds of cardboard waste kept from landfills

3 billion TygaBox reuses


 TygaSmart's purpose is to help companies with global impact, asset management, and human wellness. We do this with our tracking technologies; we reduce companies moving costs and packaging impacts on people and the planet by renting reusable Tyga-Boxes and replacing cardboard boxes entirely, resulting in a 30% reduction in moving expenses and a 100% reduction of waste-to-landfill.

Sometimes, we like to think that, perhaps, somewhere, we have seen a tree that wouldn't be there if not for TygaBox.

Since inception, we have generated 3 billion TygaBox reuses, reduced carbon footprint by 150 thousand tons, eliminated 3.5 billion pounds of cardboard waste from landfills, and saved 50 million trees from senseless destruction – all from the power of the reuse of a simple box!.

Fun fact: One tree provides the air supply for 2 adults annually. 100 million Americans can breathe a little easier because of TygaBox.