TygaSmart Tag

Pin-Point Asset Tracking

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Find what you need when you need it! Stop wasting time & money buying what you already have and can't find.

TygaSmart Tags automate inventorying and eliminate manual data entry. To track, simply tap with your phone or fob. A pop-up dashboard displays everything you need:

  • Asset Code
  • Location
  • Warranty
  • Audit Trail

TygaSmart Tags - Nothing to Learn - Easy to Use.

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"Effortless Asset Tracking."

TygaSmart Box

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A cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and sustainable box designed to help you find what you need, when you need it. 

With our pinpoint tracking technologies, manage your Tygaboxes knowing who they belong too and where they are.

Saves up to 40% in labor cost! 

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Save up to 40% in labor costs

Saved your time

Nothing to learn, easy to use 


TygaSmart Tag

Coming Soon

Pin-Point Asset Tracking.

Peel & Paste

TygaSmart Tags will transform your experience of asset tracking. Dime-sized TygaSmartTags are pre-encoded and branded with your logo, and can be positioned on desks and chairs, making them attractive and visible.  ​

Make A Matrix

Each label strip comes with a tag just for the location. Assets are pre-registered to the correct location in the cloud.
When applying tags in the field, a final tap verifies the physical placement of assets and starts a location/date/time audit trail.
TygaSmart easily integrates with other management systems such as reservations, work-orders, and space planning.


 Simply tap with your phone or fob. A pop-up dashboard displays everything you need: asset code, location, warranty, audit trail, and more.

More granular details such as utilization, original cost, date of purchase, purchasing department, depreciation, components list, and full life cycle cost analytics can be added at any time.

Define the Purpose

  • Office Inventory (Furniture or Other Items)
  • Relocating
  • Purchased New
  • From Storage

Combine Data

  • Data to RFID VIN
  • Up to Fail Safe 6 Data Fields
  • Anytime & Anywhere Info
​Process Map


  • Inventory and Moving labels
  • Pre-Encoded
  • Error-Free
  • Custom Logo

Peel & Paste


  • Automated Audit Trail
  • Time, Date, and Location
  • Warranty and Depreciation
  • Zero Waste

TygaSmart Box

Coming Soon

1. Internal & External Moving

Whether for moving or storage, the TygaSmart Box tells you whose it is, where it is, what’s inside and where it’s going.
Our dashboard tells you which person in which business unit wants TygaSmart Boxes, for how long and when.
The app sends automated reminders to users letting them know of the return date and reconciles the transaction after the return to check for any shortages.

2. Tap & Track

 Keep track of your SmartTygas on the move. Update to their new place with a quick tap of the location tag and the box tag.

Need to know the precise location of a TygaSmart Box in which specific contents in it? Search by a person’s name or the contents, i.e., "2010 legal files" to filter your inventory and see what you are looking for and where it is.


3. Integrate

Hate siloed data? So do we – so let’s integrate!

Inform us of your current facilities management apps and we’ll assess how to best collaborate digitally. 

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TygaSmart Box

 Know where it is, where it's going, and what’s inside

 See who’s using it and when it’s due for return

 Counts how many trees saved with every move

TygaSmart Tag

 Peel & Paste dime-sized tags transform inventorying

 Peel & Paste tags

  Essential for space planning, hybrid, and reconfiguring

TygaSmart TracApp

 Tracks and reconciles all transactions

 Transparent chain-of-custody

 Reduce stress - find what you need when you need it