About Us

Our "atomic principle" is reuse, and our mission is to make reuse a daily habit for companies and consumers alike.

TygaSmart Values People

TygaSmart Values the Planet

Nadine Cino and Marty Spindel started the business by renting a “stand-alone” plastic box known today as Tygabox. Tygabox started as a love child from the desire to create reusable plastic to moving boxes to help people and the environment. Now, the company still stands 30 years later, surviving many ups and downs and an entire pandemic. 

These trials have only pushed them to see more possibilities in the Facility and Moving industry and have inspired them to once again create something groundbreaking that we call TygaSmart Technologies. These tracking technologies stick with our atomic principle of REUSE to help facilities and movers find what they need when they need it. TygaSmart focuses on helping companies avoid consuming more than they need and act with planetary resources in mind.

*Photo of Founders Nadine Cino and Marty Spindel*